I left Oman today, heading back to Germany. The 7h flight was over quite quick. I didn’t even finish my third movie because they shut down the screens literally 8 minutes before it was over. The movie (Hell Or High Water) was pretty good though.

My time in Oman was a very nice experience. Apart from the beautiful nature I like the peoples mentality. Omani people are very friendly and generous but mainly they are always relaxed (about almost everything). They help whenever they can, the only thing you need to do is wait… because the help can take a while.

It is very save in Oman. To the extend that I got completely used to just put down my phone and money outside of the restaurant, walk inside to order food go back out and find all my stuff still lying on the table. Everywhere in the university you can find lonely handbags and laptops that their owners just put down there for a while. I didn’t hear of any cases where such belongings disappeared.

The only negative thing about staying in Oman is that you can’t do anything without a car. And cars are not exactly cheap. On the upper hand if you want to travel on a low budget a car and a few Rial per day for food is all you need. Anywhere outside the city you can just pull off the street and camp. Especially the beaches are very nice for that. If you are lucky there are not only thousands of stars but also glowing plankton to stare at.

I miss the people and I miss the country. I will go back sometime in the summer to see green Salalah. It was a great time that I definitely will not forget.