On our last evening at Inle Lake we went to a winery for the sunset and met an english speaking couple from Yangon. We had a very nice and interesting conversation with them until far after the sunset. They ended up telling the waitress in Burmese to put all our stuff on their bill and they basically made us eat half their food. At the end we had no choice but to accept the meal as a gift and we promised to repay should they ever visit Germany. When we started our trip back to the hostel on our bicycles the winery was closing already (restaurants in Myanmar close pretty early though).

The next day we took a night-bus to Mandaley. For me personally Mandaley was not really interesting. We walked around a bit and watched a cloudy sunset from Mandaley Hill, but that was basically it. After two nights there we took a slow ferry leaving to Bagan. The trip down the river took around fourteen hours and most of the time was just sitting around waiting. Apart from us and two french there where only locals on the boat and we made many stops at small villages along the river loading and unloading people and goods. One time we got stuck at the shore and it took the captain quite some time to manoeuvre us out again.

The last two days we have been exploring Bagan on e-bikes which is really fun. I never drove anything two-wheeled apart from bicycles before and those e-bikes drive up to 50 kmph. It is especially fun between all the local bike drivers and crowded transporters. I finally completely accepted the necessity of all the honking as a warning system and fully integrated myself with my left thumb always close to the horn ;)

Tomorrow morning we will take a bus leaving to Mt. Victoria which is a 3000+m mountain in a national park. I am looking forward to some nice trekking :)