Recently I started a 16h per week HiWi (Hilfswissenschaftler -> Research Assistant) job at the Institute for Automatic Control. My work is concentrating on c++ software that localizes a moving object using gps signals, a map of the surroundings and signals from a laser scanner mounted on the object. This will be used on a model car later on and is part of a bigger project around automatically driving cars. I find the topic very interesting and I am also happy to be able to work on a quite large c++ project.

Before starting the job I had a lot of free time and picked up running again. Many years ago, before university, I sometimes went running in the forest with my father, but in the following years I almost completely stopped. A month ago I received an e-mail from my university announcing a running event and simply decided to register for the “Fun-Run” (4.6 Km… got to start somewhere ^^). This was an effective motivation for some training runs in the weeks before the event and I must say that I enjoyed it. The run was yesterday and I made a rank in the upper middle. I am quite satisfied with my time, especially considering my preparation. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to running and train at least once or twice a week on a regular basis.

Time flies… the semester is half done already and the first polish exam is upcoming. Only 3 months left before I will leave to Krakow.