up on the mountain

Together with two friends I made a trip to Zakopane, south of Krakow over the long weekend. It was my first time in the mountains with that much snow. On the first day we had bad luck with the weather, it was almost constantly raining or snowing. We made it up to a summit, but learned the hard way that some equipment like snowshoes and crampons are nice to have.

On the second day we rented crampons and started our tour with perfect weather. The sky was cloudless for the whole day and it didn’t snow or rain at all. During the last night the snow froze a bit and we didn’t sink in up to our hips anymore. There was a lot of ice and I am glad that we rented the crampons in the morning.

Because of perfect weather I took a lot of pictures on the second day (see: Poland). Now that I am back in the city I made a slideshow and set it as my desktop background.

I hope that I will have time for another trip to Zakopane. Maybe next time I’ll go skiing.