The last week I’ve been studying for Field Theory I, my last exam this semester. It’s tomorrow…

But this evening I had enough of it and decided to do something else. For a long time I wanted to have a remote place for my maven repositories. I knew that there were some free open source solutions, but never actually installed one. But yesterday I stumbled upon the blog entry “How to setup a Private Maven Repository for in-house Android libraries distribution” and today I just did it.

I got myself a droplet at Digital Ocean and more or less followed the instructions. The blog entry Is slightly outdated, but in general still valid. I mixed in some of the instructions from another article I found (“How-to Install JFrog Artifactory on Ubuntu 14.04”) and ended up with a working installation of the free and open source version of Artifactory!

There are still some things I would like to improve, like using MySQL as the database and adding a TLS certificate, but I already like the setup a lot. After a small DNS update on a new sub domain, my repository manager is now accessible at