Quick info:

  • Found a new room in a nice flat with two other guys
  • Master thesis is about s-SNOM (see old blog entry)
  • Got a programming job with a company that does campus management for universities (Java with a lot of Database stuff)
  • Released version 2 of GameBox on Spigot

This week was the official start of my master thesis. That means that my physics studies should be almost completed at this time next year. I am not sure jet what to do afterwards (maybe PhD, maybe something completely different), but after all the time I spend in my masters, it’s a good thing that I am wrapping it up. I got to know all the people from my research group in the last couple of days. I think it will be a nice time with them and I should learn a lot during the next year.

Since I have 8 working hours per week at my job, I am spending one day of the week there and the other days I am sitting in the institute for my thesis. With more then an hour drive one way (by bike) that makes a lot more sense then doing 4h on two days or so. On my first day at my job I was occupied with setting up my workstation, but I am really looking forward to collecting some programming experience in a company. It is a very small company with a friendly atmosphere. I even got a room for myself.