A few weeks ago I moved to Amsterdam and started a full-time bootcamp in Javascript with IronHack. I am learning a lot!

The course runs for nine weeks and is divided into three sections. Each section has two weeks of lectures and exercises and ends with a one week project. The first section is front-end meaning HTML, CSS and Javascript. My project for that first section was an idle game (like CookieClicker) which I called Clempire… you know… Click Empire. The game is live at clempire.nikl.me. It was a lot of fun with canvas and along the way I started getting some experience with GIMP, learned about the Web Audio API and created/used my first worker.

This week the next section started and back-end JS was introduced with NodeJs. I was really looking forward to that part, since I prefer writing functionality over looks (CSS ~HTML). So I guess I prefer back-end over front-end. The last session will be back-end again, but this time using React.