I went to Cambodia as part of my one-month-trip after my bachelor’s. Together with my sister and a friend I started off in Phnom Penh and later went north-west to Siem Reap were we mainly visited the Ankor UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For two days we stayed in Phnom Penh and visited temples, museums and other places. Then we took a bus to Siem Reap. For some days we drove around Ankor with bicycles and explored many temples in the area.


cambodia - P1050386.JPG

A temple in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh

(taken on 5th October 2015)

cambodia - DSCF9736.JPG

Pictures like this are quite common to see in south asian countries. I am still wondering about how company workers would find a damaged cable there. They probably won’t event try and just put up a new one, what led to this mess in the first place. But it works and the people don’t seem to bother ^^

(taken on 4th October 2015)

cambodia - DSCF0044.JPG

They had fun trolling around…

(taken on 7th October 2015)

cambodia - DSCF0105.JPG

Bayon, the most notable temple at Angkor Thom.

(taken on 7th October 2015)

cambodia - P1060093.JPG

Ta Prohm is one of the most interesting temples in Ankor. In large parts it was left in the condition it was found in. That means that the buildings are still partially covered with trees.

(taken on 8th October 2015)

cambodia - P1060190.JPG

Bikes, or in general two wheelers, are the most common transport method.

(taken on 9th October 2015)

cambodia - P1060222.JPG

Side entrance (south i think) to Ankor Wat.

(taken on 9th October 2015)

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