Singapore offers many activities, parks and huge buildings. I am not a big fan of cities and thus enjoyed the parks the most. I should note that there have been severe problems with haze due to slash-and-burn practices in Indonesia. This Haze can be seen in some of the pictures below and makes the city look way more grey then it normally is.


singapore - DSCF2060.JPG

On the bridge to Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Sadly all the Haze is making the pictures grey in the distance.

(taken on 26th October 2015)

singapore - DSCF2083.JPG

View down on Marina Bay Sands from the the bar in SkyPark.

(taken on 26th October 2015)

singapore - DSCF2132.JPG

The ‘Supertrees’ in the Marina Bay area (Gardens By The Bay) at dawn.

(taken on 26th October 2015)

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