I went together with two friends from GUtech and one of them had connections to a family in Teheran. The father of said family spoke (almost) no english, but he ended up travelling together with us and showing us around a few cities in the south. It was very good having a local with us and the whole family was welcoming and generous helping us and offering food and loges in Teheran.

One night we stayed at the grandfathers home in Ardakan, which is a town close to Yazd. He lives quite rural in a clay house. It was the most adventurous christmas eve in my life (up to now ^^).


iran - GOPR0397.JPG

Amir Chakhmaq Complex and Mosque of Yazd.

(taken on 25th December 2016)

iran - GOPR0420.JPG

Khaiele (community houses for regular prayers) and water reservoirs close to a Zoroastrian graveyard. In the background on top of the two hills there are Towers of Silence (Dakhma) which were used in the past to dispose of bodies. To not pollute fire (through cremation) or ground water (through burials), Zoroastrians used to let birds eat the flesh of the dead in those towers. The bones where then collected in a small well in the middle of the tower, where they disintegrated to powder (sometimes with the help of some acid)[more info]. These towers are now out of use due to laws by the iranian government. They are open for tourists.

(taken on 25th December 2016)

iran - GOPR0449.JPG

Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd.

(taken on 26th December 2016)

iran - GOPR0521.JPG

Tombs of the kings at Naqsh-e Rustam close to the ancient city Persepolis.

(taken on 27th December 2016)

iran - GOPR0559.JPG


(taken on 27th December 2016)

iran - GOPR0577.JPG

On our way back from Persepolis. I like this environment with the mixture of flat land and mountains.

(taken on 27th December 2016)

iran - GOPR0695.JPG

A house in a garden in Isfahan.

(taken on 28th December 2016)

iran - GOPR0722.JPG

Market in Isfahan.

(taken on 28th December 2016)

iran - GOPR0746.JPG

View from the roof of the Ali-Qapu-palace over the Imam plaza in Isfahan. In the background is one of the domes around the plaza.

(taken on 29th December 2016)

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