Together with a friend I made a ~2 weeks trip through east Kyrgyzstan shortly before moving to Oman.

One of the best parts was a 5 day trip to a glacier. It was my first trip with a tent through mountains and it was great. For following trips we made a list of things we forgot to take. That list has quite some entries now ^^


kyrgyzstan - CIMG1529.JPG

Small part of the Issyk-Kul in the north west.

kyrgyzstan - CIMG1533.JPG

North west of the Issyk-Kul. The picture was taken towards the mountains in the north.

kyrgyzstan - CIMG1553.JPG

Horse race during the World Nomad Games 2016 in Cholpon-Ata.

kyrgyzstan - CIMG1568.JPG

Finals of Kok-boru Kasachstan vs. Kyrgyzstan during the World Nomad games 2016. Two teams of riders have to grab a beheaded goat and throw it in the other teams goal. It is the most famous game in Kyrgyzstan and some other countries in the area. Kyrgyzstan won the finals ;)

kyrgyzstan - CIMG1629.JPG

Glacier water river that we followed on our 5 day trip up to the glacier.

kyrgyzstan - CIMG1643.JPG

My back and an awesome view into the valley we trekked through ^^

kyrgyzstan - CIMG1652.JPG

Me carrying our camping equipment and some horses.

kyrgyzstan - CIMG1668.JPG

A small lake right next to our first camping site.

kyrgyzstan - CIMG1940.JPG

We had to improvise a bit in order to keep the gas warm enough. At our highest camping site we weren’t able to cook and at a bit lower sites constructions like this were necessary to keep the gas coming.

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