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Bevy ECS as a data layer for static site generation with Leptos

06 January, 2024

TLDR: I wrote a static site generator using Leptos and Bevy ECS called Cinnog. There are many static site generators and since I tend to use…

Notes on mobile development with Bevy #2

03 August, 2023

My Bevy mobile app is very incomplete, but I would like to be able to distribute test builds early on. That means Android builds need to be…

GitHub workflow to publish a Bevy Android app

02 August, 2023

This is a guide on how to configure a GitHub workflow for building, signing and publishing an Android app that uses Bevy (there is a…

GitHub workflow to publish an iOS app

29 July, 2023

I built a GitHub workflow to bundle, sign and publish an iOS app. There are already a couple guides on how to do this, but none of them…

Notes on Android development using Bevy

08 July, 2023

While working on an Android logic puzzle app with Bevy, I learned some things about the current state of Android support in the engine and…

Dynamic assets

01 March, 2022

One of my favorite Bevy projects at the moment is the plugin bevy_asset_loader (repository). Its goal is to minimize boilerplate for asset…

Asset handling in Bevy apps

06 August, 2021

This post outlines the path that led to me writing bevy_asset_loader (repository), a plugin to simplify asset handling in Bevy applications… © 2022