Hi, I'm Niklas

This page contains a few of my projects. Nowadays, many of them are using the Rust programming language and mostly concern the game engine Bevy.

Sometimes I feel like writing a blog post about something...

Latest projects:


This Bevy plugin offers generic asset loaders for common file formats, allowing you to define your own asset types and load them from asset…

Me And My Unicycle

Submission for Ludum Dare 49 game jam with the theme "Unstable". A physics game about a weird figure and their unicycle.

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Latest posts:

Notes on mobile development with Bevy #2

03 August, 2023

My Bevy mobile app is very incomplete, but I would like to be able to distribute test builds early on. That means Android builds need to be…

GitHub workflow to publish a Bevy Android app

02 August, 2023

This is a guide on how to configure a GitHub workflow for building, signing and publishing an Android app that uses Bevy (there is a…

GitHub workflow to publish an iOS app

29 July, 2023

I built a GitHub workflow to bundle, sign and publish an iOS app. There are already a couple guides on how to do this, but none of them…

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