This Bevy plugin offers generic asset loaders for common file formats, allowing you to define your own asset types and load them from asset files. Supported formats are json, msgpack, ron, toml, and yaml.

The following example defines a custom asset Level and registers asset loaders for all supported formats. These asset loaders are able to load the custom asset type from the different file types now.

use bevy::prelude::*;
use bevy_common_assets::json::JsonAssetPlugin;
use bevy_common_assets::msgpack::MsgPackAssetPlugin;
use bevy_common_assets::ron::RonAssetPlugin;
use bevy_common_assets::toml::TomlAssetPlugin;
use bevy_common_assets::yaml::YamlAssetPlugin;

fn main() {
        .add_plugin(JsonAssetPlugin::<Level>::new(&["json.level", "custom"]))
        // ...

#[derive(serde::Deserialize, bevy::reflect::TypeUuid)]
#[uuid = "413be529-bfeb-41b3-9db0-4b8b380a2c46"]
struct Level {
    positions: Vec<[f32; 3]>,

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