Game on

Multiplayer game developed in one month (although real work was only done in the last week ^^) for the Game off jam 2020.

Story: When an evil force took over your home planet you barely escaped with your life. Now you are back to free your planet. The mission is dangerous and probably will fail. Gather some friends and play together for a better chance of defeating the enemy. Game on!

Goal: Find the evil planet and shoot at it to win. Try not to collide with the asteroids flying around, the planets, or the guided missiles being fired at you ;)

Tip: Space knows no gravity or air friction, neither does this game. If your rocket gets out of control, press S or arrow down to stabilize it.

Tip #2: The universe is quite big. The guided missiles can help to locate the evil planet. If the game displays the missile warning, you are close to the enemy. You can wait for the missile to see the direction you need to go into to fulfill your mission.

The backend is written in Rust and communicates with the phaser clients via webhooks. © 2022