GameBox offers a collection of minecraft inventory games. It offers a shared menu containing buttons to all installed games and to a token shop. For administrators, an admin menu can be accessed to install or update games directly out of the GUI.

GameBox supplies a collection of inventory games with a GUI for fast and convenient switching between different games. Token can be won by playing games and can be spend in the fully configurable GUI shop. A flexible set of permissions allows fine grained control over which games a player can play.

For each game, different game modes can be configured. For example there can be a game mode in Minesweeper called 'easy' with only five mines, a 'normal' mode with eight mines and a 'hard' mode with eleven. All of these modes (and more if you want to) will be available in one single GUI. The configurable settings for each game mode vary from game to game.

For games with two players GameBox automatically includes an invitation GUI for each game mode. A click on the invite button will close the inventory and ask the player to type a name into the chat. All incoming invitations will be displayed in the invitations GUI as skulls of the other player.

Games for gamebox (including planed ones)

Below you can find a table of all GameBox games. It includes planed games from which many where suggested by users. If you have an idea for a game that would fit to GameBox and you cannot find it in the table, please contact me on Spigot.

Game Players Short description Status
2048 1 Slide tiles and add them up Spigot | Page | Source
GemCrush 1 Game inspired by CandyCrush

included in default jar

Page | Source
Battleship 2 Find and sink your opponents ships Spigot | Page | Source
ConnectFour 2 Get four chips in a row Spigot | Page | Source
Sudoku 1 Solve number puzzles with logic Spigot | Page | Source
Three In A Row 1 Japanese logic puzzle
Minesweeper 1 Identify and mark mines with logic Spigot | Page | Source
Whac A Mole 1 Hit the moles before they disappear Spigot | Page | Source
Cookie Clicker 1 Bake cookies...

included in default jar

Page | Source
Match It 1 Match pairs of items

included in default jar

Page | Source
Tic-Tac-Toe (WIP) 2 Get three marks in a row


Rock Paper Scissors (WIP) 2 Fight like real men
Fruit ninja 1 Click(?) falling items Planed
Solitaire 1 Card game Planed
Heads or tails 2 Trow coins and bet on it Planed
Venture Roll 2 Two players gamble against a dealer (server) Planed
Lottery X Server runs rounds of Lottery Planed
Slot Machine 1 Gambling game against the server Planed
Mastermind 2 Educated guessing about a color-code Planed
Mancala (Kalah) 2 Capture your oponents seeds. Planed
Tetris 1 Sort falling puzzle pieces Planed | Page
Chess 2 Ancient strategy game Planed
Hangman ? Guess words Planed
Simon says 1 repeat sequences Planed

GameBox Permissions

GameBox includes a permission system that is designed to allow for perfect control over the whole plugin and all games. Wildcard permissions allow all players to play all registered games by default.

To restrict access to certain games for certain groups of players one must first take the default wildcard permissions from all players. Then assign the specific permissions using the gameIDs provided in the ID table.

Permission node Default Description True Permission to play the game given by the gameID. The wildcard permission* is given to all players by default and HAS TO BE TAKEN FROM THEM in order to use the game specific permissions.

To get the permission for a specific game, the corresponding gameID has to be used. All gameIDs can be found in the ID table.
gamebox.gamegui.gameID True Permission to open the GUI of the game given by the gameID. The wildcard permission gamebox.gamegui.* is given to all players by default.

To get the permission for a specific game, the corresponding gameID has to be used. All gameIDs can be found in the ID table.
gamebox.use True Allows the player to use the main command /gb and to open the GUI by using the hub item. True Allows the player to use the token shop.
gamebox.admin OP Players with this permission can use the admin commands.

GameBox Commands

The following list includes all player, shortcut and admin commands that are currently implemented in GameBox. For the shortcut commands players need a shortID for each game. A complete table of the IDs can be found below. For players there is the possibility of using /gb info to get a list of the shortcut commands.

For the moment all admin commands require the same permission gamebox.admin.

Command Permission Description
/gamebox /game /gb gamebox.use Open the GameBox GUI.
/gb help Display the GameBox help message.
/gb info Display the GameBox info message. Per default it includes a list of all registered games and their shortcut commands.
/gb shortID gamebox.use and the permission to open the game GUI gamebox.gamegui.gameID Shortcut command to directly open the GUI of the specified game.
For this command one of the shortIDs is needed, which are listed in the ID table below.
- - - Admin Commands - - -
/gameboxadmin /gbadmin /gba gamebox.admin Admin command. No or an invalid argument will lead to a short list of all the following commands.
/gba token gamebox.admin Display the amount of token the specified player has. This also works for offline Players.
/gba reload gamebox.admin Reload the configuration and Language files of GameBox and all registered games. This command will renew all game registrations. It will NOT though reload the jar files themselves.
/gba token gamebox.admin Display the amount of token the specified player has. This also works for offline Players.

Unique game IDs

Each game has a unique identifier. This ID is called gameID and is used for game specific permissions and in some admin commands. The identifiers are very intuitive, but are never needed by normal players.

Game GameID
2048 twoofoureight
GemCrush gemcrush
Battleship battleship
Minesweeper minesweeper
Connect Four connectfour
Sudoku sudoku
Whac A Mole whacamole
Cookie Clicker cookieclicker
Match It matchit
Three In A Row threeinarow


Total configurability is one of the main goals of GameBox. There are several files with options and messages that can be customized.

The configuration file for GameBox is in the plugins folder, as is the token shop configuration and a file containing enabled/disabled information about all known games. The language files for gamebox are in the language folder.

Configuration for single games can be done inside the folder 'GameBox/games/'. All language files of a game can be found in 'GameBox/language/'. © 2022